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F.I.S. states in its policy on Safety, Health and Environment its commitment to a factory managed in accordance with the principles of protecting the environment and protecting the health and safety of the people, in addition to the commitment to operate following the criteria of continuous performance improvement.

F.I.S. Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici S.p.A. is involved in supplying main active elements to the Pharmaceutical Industry in service of health, and the improvement of conditions in the lives of people.

The company, which acts in conformity with the company Mission and Vision, and which is aligned with the Code of Ethics and Company Social Responsibility it has adopted, has set out its policy on the matter of safeguarding Safety, Health and the Environment in order to guarantee a sustainable development, compatible with the citizenry, the environment which hosts it and the wellbeing of its employees.

Specifically, the Company:

  • Considers Safety, Health and the protection of the environment to be essential values in carrying out its activities, in the knowledge that, together with Quality, they support the strategies of development, continuity and innovation that has always characterized it, to guarantee the satisfaction of clients and of interested parties.
  • It assumes that Safety, Health and the Environment as being the responsibility of the Line and for which each employee, in whatever capacity they serve, maintains a responsible and constructive attitude in regard to the said matters.
  • It commits to a rigorous compliance with legislation and the Safety Regulations, those of Health and the Environment, respect for the obligations deriving from any voluntary subscription to other prescriptions and to programmes for safeguarding Safety, Health and the Environment.
  • It undertakes in general to comply with the obligations of Conformity deriving from listening to bearers of interests, as well as, where possible, adopting the best techniques available, correct maintenance of plant and continuous improvement of performance regarding Health, Safety and the Environment in order to prevent injury, occupational illness and uncontrolled environmental impacts.
  • It undertakes to achieve operational excellence in its business activities, pursuing strategic objectives of “zero accidents and incidents”, “zero occupational illness”, “zero damage to the environment”.
  • It undertakes to manage its own activities, even to contributing towards a reduction in climate change using resources responsibly, with the objective of achieving a sustainable development which respects the environment and the rights of future generations.
  • It considers the system of Managing Safety, Health and the Environment as the means for achieving the consequent policies and objectives from the viewpoint of continuous improvement.
  • It commits to supplying all employees with adequate training and instruction, to ensure that they are aware and informed with regard to the activities they carry out and of the consequences on Safety, Health and the Environment deriving from their conduct.
  • It assumes an attitude of maximum transparency and availability with regard to the population and of its representative institutions, with the aim of creating and maintaining a reciprocal climate of trustworthiness and collaboration in the context within which it operates.
  • It commits to stimulating in the most opportune ways, its suppliers and contractors to adhere to the principles of Safety, Health and protection of the Environment on which it bases its own Policy, even by establishing and maintaining active procedures aimed at the selection and evaluation of the same on the basis of the above-mentioned principles.
  • It undertakes periodically to examine its own policy to ensure that it remains appropriate for the company, as well as ensuring a constant and periodic Review of its performance in preventing risks of Significant Incidents to Health and Safety at work and the Environment.

In particular, it commits to:

  • Periodically evaluate all risks connected with its own activities, starting with risks of Significant Incidents, identifying the objectives for Safety, Health and the Environment and defining the consequent programmes for continuous improvement;
  • actively involve the whole organization, directors, managers, workers and their Representatives for Safety, in the Management of Safety, Health and the Environment, each with regard to sphere for which he or she is responsible, and their attributes;
  • To ensure control over all possible emergencies, through suitable plans and in strict coordination with the competent authorities, even in relation to the need to inform the population.

All employees are called on to conform with the spirit and the letter of this policy, as well as informing themselves on the regulations contained in the Organization Model adopted by F.I.S. pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and in the Code of Conduct, maintaining a conduct such as to prevent the commission of violations set out in the said decree.

Responsibility, conduct and manner with regard to the aspects of Safety, Health and the Environment constitute an integral part of the duties of all and are, therefore, a significant element in judging the performance of the individual employee.