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To support the company structures and to achieve HSE objectives, the firm formalized a system of HSE Committees and made them operative. It serves in essence to promote the continuous exchange of information about HSE issues among all factory employees.

The committees organization which meet periodically, have a information only function and they do not modify the specific responsibilities.

The HSE Committee
Consists of Managers and directors of the principle business functions. Its principle assignment is to formulate objectives and programs regarding HSE.

Staff Committees
They have the task to tackle specific problems of general interest and to provide material to the HSE Committees for periodic meetings.

The Committees
Every Director of a main component of the HSE Committe is in his turn head of a committee which comprise all direct members (2nd level committee). Every member of a 2nd level Committee is head of one or more Committees in the 3rd Level, whose members are all employees, both daily and shift workers.