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Leverage and protection of F.I.S. innovation.

F.I.S. has been leveraging and promoting corporate intellectual property since 1960, when its first patent application was filed.
Since then, about 400 national and foreign patent applications have been filed.

Patent portfolio
F.I.S. has built up and steadily increased its patent portfolio, comprising acquisitions, in order to leverage the results of research, support business strategies, and increase and develop corporate assets.
Inventions arising from F.I.S. research and innovation are identified, developed, and become the object of patent applications.
To date, the corporate patent portfolio, entirely managed in-house, includes about 130 patent families, or about 650 titles, with about 450 granted patents.

The protection of know-how is implemented by adopting company policies aimed at managing confidential information.

Monitoring and licenses
F.I.S. is actively involved in monitoring third party compliance with its intellectual property rights.
Potential licenses or transfers may be requested and appropriately considered.

Freedom to operate
F.I.S. focuses closely on guaranteeing that its products, including their production process and the raw materials used in it, do not violate any third party IP rights. Evaluation of freedom to operate and its constant update are one of the company’s strengths.

Team IP
An in-house IP team of qualified professionals (European and Italian patent attorneys) works within F.I.S. . With the support of patent information specialists and paralegals, and in direct collaboration with a network of external agents and foreign attorneys, it is dedicated to all aspects of corporate intellectual property.

F.I.S. products
Advantages of using active ingredients or intermediates provided by F.I.S.:
– skill and professionalism in evaluating and managing IP aspects,
– guarantee that third party IP rights are not violated,
– benefit of a competitive advantage for products subject to intellectual property rights held by F.I.S. in an extremely competitive market.

Latest update: January 31, 2018