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Research & Development, Production and Worldwide API Distribution. Three production plants in Italy and two offices abroad.

F.I.S. – Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici is an Italian company specializing in the development of chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry since 1957.

The company has three manufacturing sites in Italy:

  • Montecchio Maggiore: Production plant and headquarters
  • Termoli: Production plant
  • Lonigo: Production plant


The facilities have a global production capacity of more than 3500 m3 and employ around 1,800 people.
All the sites are regularly inspected by the FDA. None of the sites have ever been issued a Form 483.

The core business of the company is divided between:

  • Custom manufacturing synthesis, including the exclusive production of intermediates, advanced intermediates, and APIs for pharmaceutical companies.
  • The generic market, including the development and sale of generic APIs such as anxiolytics, tranquillizers, antibacterials, anticonvulsants, anti-inflammatory, diuretics, analgesics, and cardiovasculars.
  • The veterinary market, including both Custom and Generic products.

With the support of approximately 240 R&D experts, F.I.S. can provide a series of integrated services that range from the optimization of the synthetic process to large-scale commercial production.