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F.I.S. conceives the experience in organic synthesis and analytical sciences instrumental to succeed in the development, validation and production of API.

Main area of experties on which F.I.S. built its technical and manufacturing excellence:

  • Organometalic Reactions (Buthyl lithium, LDA, Grignard, etc.)
  • Catalytic Hydrogenation (Pd catalyzed, Raney nickel, etc.);
  • Hydride Reductions (Sodium Borohydrade, Lithium Borohydride, Borane, etc.)
  • Cross Coupling reactions (Palladium catalyzed)
  • Racemate Resolution
  • Enantioselective synthesis
  • High Pressure Hydrogenation (40 bar)
  • Cryogenic Chemistry (-80°C)
  • Phosgenation via diphogene
  • Biocatalytic Processes
  • Development of continuos flow processes
  • Fluorination Chemistry (HF, SF4)
  • Peptide Synthesis