HSE > Safety, Health and Environment

In this Safety, Health and Environmental System every employee is protagonist since F.I.S. considers Safety, Health and the Environmental as key responsibilities and they are part of personal professional expertise.

The firm has organized a system to manage HSE issues based on the principles stated in the Policy issued by F.I.S. chairman, on the belief that:

  1. It is possible to prevent all accidents and injuries and it is possible to run the factory activity with respect to the surrounding environment;
  2. Only when everybody is persuaded that this is possible and everybody will act accordingly for his own competence, injuries and accidents will be eliminated.

F.I.S. has for a long time set this objective as fundamental for its own company organization.

F.I.S. factories work also with dangerous substances in such quantities that could potentially cause a considerable accident, and for this reason they are subject to specific controls by the Competent Authorities; F.I.S. identified all possible risks, adopted preventive and safety measures to minimize possible accidents; put a program of periodic controls into effect and prepared a Plan to face emergency situations, informed and trained its employees.