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A Supply Chain on an international scale aimed at creating value for our Clients.

F.I.S. has a consolidated presence at the international level thanks to some 1,700 suppliers present in over 40 countries, and a stable collaboration with preferential partners which share the Values, Culture and Standards of F.I.S.

The Supply Chain structure is centralized at Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza), Italy, and boasts of a presence in China via our Representative Office (Shanghai) which supports the sourcing activities of raw materials and of competitive intelligence, establishing growing levels of integration with Suppliers and Clients.

The main objectives of the Supply Chain are:

  • To Create Value through a sustainable approach, aimed at guaranteeing full compliance with the aspects of Company Social Responsibility, Safety, Health, the Environment and product Quality.
  • Risk Management, or the minimizing of risk in the supply chain, guaranteeing Business Continuity thanks to an ample knowledge base, and monitoring of the market of reference.
  • Optimising Costs through the capacity for gathering in good time, the best opportunities and innovations present in international markets.

The collaboration and integration with Suppliers is guaranteed by the presence of a Supplier Portal (SRM) and of a well-defined plan for evaluating their performance, using pre-Audits, technical visits to their establishments, periodic quality Audits and continuous monitoring of supplies.