Nine Trees Group S.p.A. is an important Italian group which operates in the sphere of producing main active and intermediate elements for worldwide pharmaceutical industries.

F.I.S. – Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in the production of chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry.

The core businesses of the company are:

  • Custom Synthesis, or the exclusive production of intermediate, advanced intermediate and main active elements for pharmaceutical companies, holders of the licence
  • the market of generics for which it develops and sells main active elements such as tranquilisers, anxiolitics, antibacterials, anticonvulsants, anti-inflammatories, diuretics, analgesics and cardiovasculars
  • the veterinary market, be that for generic or Custom products.

Anemocyte (Gerenzano (VA) – Italy), biotechnologies company of Nine Trees Group, dedicated to the development and production of innovative biopharmaceuticals.

Delmar (Canada) is a Nine Trees Group company, specializes in custom cGMP synthesis of APIs and advanced intermediates.

FIS North America, Inc (Hackensack, NJ), is the FIS agent for the North American market.

PHF (Switzerland), autonomous company belonging to Nine Trees Group, appointed to the development and manufacture of finished pharmaceutical and nutritional products, marketed in all countries, through selected distributors. Furthermore, it offers itself as a financier for pharmaceutical projects of high technological value to companies in the sector.

China Office, carries out activities of supporting relationships with suppliers of raw materials present in China.