Produce in a sustainable manner. Organise and manage sustainability. Relate, from doing to expressing.

Who is FIS ?

FIS, Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici is a leading company in the sector of production of chemical substances for pharmaceutical use, founded in 1957, strongly rooted in the territory of Montecchio Maggiore with the historic production site of Via Milano in which some 1170 people work), to which, in the 90s, the production site at Termoli in the region of Molise was added with a staff of 199, as well as the production site at Lonigo which has around 314.


Why Conduct a Green Business?

FIS has always been shown to take care of the needs of the territory which hosts the production plant, and of the Local Community which considers the company to be a fundamental occupational reference with some 10% of its employees resident at Montecchio Maggiore and some 75% within 20 km.

Conducting a sustainable business on the other hand does not just mean offering a work place but represents a greater vision which cares for the complex needs of the Company, considered in local as well as global terms.


Why the schools?

Every year, FIS carries out numerous activities in support of the Local Community and, not just lately, has it contributed to the schools in the territory, opening the doors of the company to guided tours for high school students in institutes of every class, degree and stage.

FIS strongly believes that sustainable development in the world in which we live starts with the knowledge and full awareness, of the fragile equilibrium which characterises nature, our climate and an ever more globalized Company.

In this vast and complicated context, the certainty gains ground that it is the young of today who will have both the opportunity and the responsibility for making a difference, contributing in a definitive way to the development of a fair and sustainable society. Nevertheless, the growing challenges of this complex world may only be overcome through knowledge and culture which, above all, schools must understand how to impart to the most delicate phase in human development of every new generation.

It is in the very recognition of this central role of schools that FIS wishes to make its positive contribution, enthusiastically opening its doors to scholastic institutes of all classes and levels, who seek active support through initiatives and collaboration on this fundamental theme.