Over 60 years of experience, the pioneering beginning, the strategic intuitions, the progressive development and achieving the position of leader in the sector.
1957 – Founding of the Company

F.I.S. – Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici S.p.A. is a private company in the hands of and managed by the Ferrari family.

In 1957, Giovanni Ferrari with his sons Antonio, Gianfranco and Ottavio, decided to separate themselves from a pharmaceutical company in which they had been active for years. Strengthened by this accumulated experience, they decided to start a company specialized in the chemical production of main active elements for the pharmaceutical industry. It should also be remembered that, along with the Ferrari family, there were key persons who contributed to the birth and development of FIS: Dr. Colbertaldo, Dr. Perlotto and Mr Caltran.
In the same year, they started work on the construction of the establishment at Alte di Montecchio Maggiore, a hamlet in the vicinity of the gates of Vicenza. From this group of pioneers, FIS was born, as was its adventure.

1958 – Start of production

In April, the Establishment was inaugurated and, in September, the first laboratories and production units. The first FIS product was Chloramphenicol, but in order to produce it, FIS has to overcome initial difficulties. The key specialist element for this product was suddenly unavailable due to a hostile action by the competition. The only solution; make it in-house.
A short time later, the production of Nitrofurantoin also began, a product which still is used today and for which FIS is a market leader.

Growth and knowledge consolidation – the Sixties

Amongst the factors favouring the growth of the company, Italian legislation must certainly be quoted which, in not foreseeing the patent-ability of drugs, permitted the development of a vast range of main active elements. FIS thus became the leader in the family of Benzodiazepines, of Furans, and other products amongst which Furosemides.

1962 – The start of Benzodiazepine production

1964 – First FDA inspection. Nitrofurantoin is the first FIS product to gain the DMF (Drug Master File) and registered as such with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States. First Client, the United States Army.

1965 – Start of Furosemide production

Growth of the generic product list – the Seventies

Continued growth of the range of Generics until March 1978. At the end of the seventies, Custom Synthesis was developed.

1976 – The USA market list also encompasses Furosemide.
Construction of incinerator oven for Liquids (3000 kg/h). Construction of the vertical scrubbers.

1977 – Production of Trimethoprim. FIS makes itself independent by producing Trimethoxy benzaldehyde, starting with a Peruvian plant named Tara. FIS becomes the generic market leader of this product.

1978 – In March of ’78, Italy sanctions the patent-ability of the drug, enacting a law which guarantees a patent for 20 years from the date of issue. This situation radically changes the FIS strategy. Thus, was initiated the requirement of pursuing a new market, Custom Synthesis.

1979 – Implementation of the incinerator oven with heat recovery generators and electro-filter for abatement of dust.

Start of the Custom – the Eighties

Continued efforts for growth in the Custom sector starts returning the first results. Starting with European multi-nationals over the years, business is expanded to Japan and the United States.

1980 – Direct exports. Thanks to the partnership with the SST distributor, FIS started to manage, directly, exports of its own products to the United States market.

1985 – The start of an era. The President of FIS Gianfranco Ferrari accepts the challenge of developing a very demanding synthesis. The brilliant results achieved establish the ground for a long-lasting collaboration sanctioned by a research and production contract with a prestigious European multi-national. In the same year, a biological plant for treating process waters was built.

1988 – Incinerator oven for solid wastes

Development of collaboration with multinationals – the Nineties

The nineties were characterized by an increase in business, both in terms of products and speakers in the field of Custom Synthesis.

1990 – A second establishment becomes operational (STS – Società Termolese Sintetici), specialized in the development and production of advanced intermediary products.

1990/1995 – New collaboration with European multinationals

1996 – Combustion plant for the gaseous process vents.

1997 – Reduction in environmental impact. Evaporation towers are installed at the sites of Montecchio and Termoli, equipped with a refrigerated water recycling circuit to reduce the uplift of aquifer waters.

1999 – Exclusive relationships with leading Japanese companies.

From 2000 to date

2001 – New investments and new operational site. Notwithstanding the outsourcing crisis which determined a regression in the whole sector and the closure of many companies, FIS continues to invest, opening a new office in New Jersey to occasion greater contact with United States multinationals. The same year saw the certification of the Environmental Management System according to UNI EN ISO Standard 14.001, for the establishments at Montecchio and Termoli.

2001 – STS is merged into FIS.

2003 – Development of relationships with American multinationals initiated in the nineties.

2007 – FIS’s 50 years. Having overcome a moment of crisis, FIS celebrates its half century with a new phase of growth in the form of a decided increase in the Custom sector in the United States, Japan and Europe.

2009 – Ever more attention to the environment. The Montecchio establishment gains the Health and Safety Certification System in accordance with Standard BS OHSAS 18.001. The same year saw the launching of the process for issuing the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) and the Environmental Impact Evaluation (VIA) process relating to the incinerator oven revamping project for the Montecchio establishment.
In the same year, the Termoli establishment, following the AIFA authorization, becomes a pharmaceutical workshop; from that point on they will be able to produce not only intermediate, but also main active elements.

2012 – The Termoli establishment receives FDA Approval.2013 – Construction of a new production plant at Termoli begins.

2016 – Start of work on the new I department: FIS invests in the new High Potent, Fluid Bed Drying, Sterile Drying and Sterile sectors.

2017 – Work starts on the construction of a new building which will house the offices and the Quality Control Laboratories. New investments. Acquisition by Zambon Pharmaceuticals of a new production site at Lonigo (Veneto). With this acquisition, the number of FIS employees amounts to 1700; an increase of 170% from 2009. In the same year, FIS celebrates its 60th year in business.

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